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Agricultural Sector

The main challenge of the agricultural sector is to reconcile quality of the production, preservation of the environment and profitability. Nevertheless, it faces major challenges namely:

  • Deal with volatility of the raw material price
  • Take into account the prices of more stable consumer goods, imposed by distributors and consumer expectations

In order to grow and prosper in this fast moving and challenging economic environment, it is more important than ever to focus on the core of your business and make sure that you have the right, agile tools to leverage most of your available resources. The best way to stand the competition is to implement an IT solution tailored to your industry.

Agricultural sector

SAGlobal provides you a vertical solution designed to manage the production cycle from upstream to downstream. As part of the aim to strengthen its know-how business solution. SAGlobal has developed this module dedicated to companies operating in the agricultural sector. This module has been designed in a way to be compatible with all types of agricultural production, ie field crops, arboriculture, aquaculture, beekeeping, nursery and all different types of farming. (cattle, sheep, goats,).

The Agricultural module offers the possibility to reference parcels or agricultural fields, as part of a customizable multilevel hierarchy depending on the need, it is also possible to share the machine reference between several companies / domains of the same group. on the other hand, the technical reference system gives the possibility to identify the recurrent activities as well as their periodicities.

Key features of the vertical solution

Key features of the vertical solution

The agricultural module contains the following features:
  • Management of land/plot references, material resources, multipliers, as well as material reference, and technical reference adapted to each type of production
  • Production cycles planning over a period
  • Self-managed production management as well as third party outsourcing
  • Tracking by batch number of consumptions and production
  • Consumption management (in quantity and value) of the raw material, the labor hours and material on one hand, and the period on the other hand
  • Follow-up of technical interventions calendar
  • Customized indicators suggestion for monitoring and analysis by section (variety), speculation ( operations), intermediate sections ( material)
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