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    Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s suite of next generation of
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Flow

Microsoft Flow is a new platform tool that allows you to create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more, all with the goal of boosting productivity and performance. Using Flow, you can create simple one-step notifications that alert your team when a work item is updated, all the way to complex multi-step flows that automatically capture, track, and take action on your data and processes.

Automate almost any time consuming task or process

Automate almost any time consuming task or process

Set up a simple one-step flow that notifies the whole team whenever a work item is updated, or a complex multistep flow that captures, tracks, and follows up with new sales leads-all automatically.

Whether it's a complex multistep process or a simple one-step task, flows work in the background to boost your team's effectiveness, productivity and performance.

Flow offers many pre-built templates as starting points, and can be used for activities such as:

  • Creating alerts that notify one or more people as a file or folder gets updated
  • Connecting folders to synchronize files and keep your data current
  • Automatically collecting and organizing business data
  • Streamlining workflow approvals with instant alerts and other approval features

Find the perfect flow

Get notifications

Get notifications
Get an alert when a file or folder is updated.

Synchronize files

Synchronize files
Connect you folder to keep your data current.

Organize data

Organize data
Collect and organize business data automatically.

Automate approvals

Automate approvals
Streamline approvals with instant alerts and more.

Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Upgrade to Dynamics 365 and enjoy the benefits of ERP+CRM at one price and the industry specific solution from SAGlobal.

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  • Intelligent Customer Engagement

    Today, the process of engaging customers can't be one-size-fits-all. It needs to be adaptive across all touch points and within the context of who your customer is and what they are doing. Intelligent customer engagement enables your company to build customer trust, loyalty, and insight, while also enabling your sales, marketing, and service professionals to be as productive as possible. With customer engagement by Microsoft, we help your company deliver exceptional customer experiences.

    We help you make every customer engagement an intelligent one, so you can sell effectively, care everywhere, and market smarter.

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